Website ReDesign

Thinkcyber makes sure your website is competitive in the online marketplace.

It’s no secret that the Internet is changing commerce every day. New companies are forming all the time that rely on the Web to reach new customers and spread word about products and services. Even conventional businesses have been forced to modify their business models to accommodate consumer demand for online shopping and information. If you’re a business owner who is thinking about redesigning your website for better exposure and increased business, Thinkcyber will make sure your website redesign is successful and produces the results you need.

Good web design strategies are an integral part of your redesign:

Easy to Read

Society has become extremely fast-paced. Consumers and other website visitors do not want to be bothered with extremely long product descriptions or information about your company. Many users are also visiting websites from mobile devices. The smaller screens on these devices make reading text more difficult. We create websites that targets mobile and desktop devices. Not only does an easy-to-read website rank better with visitors, it also ranks well with search engines. Google and other major search engines tend to reward sites that provide valuable information as concisely as possible.

Keep it Simple

Visitors are on your site for a specific purpose. It could be to purchase a product or read an informational article about a particular topic. Either way, they want to complete their task quickly and not be burdened with elements that do not add obvious value to the website. This is especially important, we do not end up creating a site that, although beautiful, is difficult (or even impossible) to navigate for most visitors.

Avoid Graphics Abuse

Probably one of the most common design flaws inherent to websites around the world is improper use of graphics. This comes in many forms such as too many graphics, not enough graphics, or outright annoying graphics – like the ones that are constantly blinking, moving around, and tend to produce headaches when stared at for long periods of time.

Design with Your Goal in Mind

As we plan your website redesign,we always keep your goals in mind throughout the redesign process. We take the time to plan your redesign around the anticipated goals of your new website. As a result, your customers will be happier and you will reap the financial benefits of having a properly designed website. If your current website is not performing like you thought it would, Thinkcyber will meets the needs of your business and your visitors. Thinkcyber is a Website Design partner that works with you! Did we already say Contact us? Here’s our phone number in case you like talking instead of e-mailing: +1(646)401-0040.
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