Quick Response Codes

What are QR codes?

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode, capable of holding text and more importantly, links, to mobile web services.

QR stands for quick response, because they provide a fast way to access online information, simply by pointing a smartphone at them.

This has amazing potential for businesses to reach a mobile audience.

Despite the widespread use of touch screens and QWERTY keyboards on today’s smartphones, trying to type on them when you’re out and about can still be fiddly. The QR code removes that inconvenience and makes accessing mobile content, fast, fun and full of opportunities.

QR Code provide an
unequaled opportunity to link mobile users to mobile
content for:

► Customer engagement
► Tourism, arts and education
► Event marketing and ticketing
► Hundreds of other uses

QR Code, Much More:

Video: QR codes can link directly to video
content from a print ad
Social: Links to social networks mean you can engage there and then
Two-way: As well as displaying information, you can send it too
Dynamic: Information behind a code can be constantly changing

More about QR codes

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that can hold more data than a conventional bar code.

A 2-D or matrix barcode can hold much more than just the numbers stored in the barcode we see on our groceries. For example, they are mostly used for storing website URLs.

A scanner app on your smartphone decodes the glyph and, if it is a URL, switches to a browser and loads the web page.

QR Codes can also store meta data to send text messages and initiate phone calls. They can also store contact data to import into your mobile from, say, a business card.

Cameraphones require no special hardware, just an app, and many freely available from app stores such as Apple iTunes and Android Marketplace. There are also versions available for Blackberry, Symbian and Palm as well as Windows Mobile and desktop.

There are several levels of QR Code, depending on the quantity of data they can hold and their ability to withstand damage.

QR Codes only hold target data. For example a website URL may have constantly changing content, but the code can remain the same.

The QR can link to any website, so it is easy to use them to collect data as well as distribute it.

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