Multi-Channel E-Commerce Solutions

Want to sell your products via your E-Commerce and also by various retail channels? Multi-channel ecommerce gives you this opportunity!

There are two kinds of Multi-Channel E-Commerce scenarios:

Single Store to Multi-Channel E-Commerce: A single store manages sales processes between their web store and a marketplace.

Multi Store E-Commerce: A company that sells through more than one web store. Many times a company inherits legacy web stores either from an acquisition, or because they create a new web store but didn’t want to shut down the old one. We often see cases in which a company manages multiple online stores because they want a better segment their buyers.

In Multi-Channel E-Commerce you collect orders from multiple web sites and you can push them to the order management system of your choice. This could but a web store system, accounting or POS system, or another business system. Orders can be split in which some items on the order are fulfilled from one location and others are fulfilled from a drop ship supplier to another warehouse. You can also elect to have all the customer information sent to a specific system such as your web store.

Getting items in multiple companies is a manual effort that takes a lot of time so either you rely on a labor intensive importing and exporting of files or hand enter item data into each web store. Keeping inventory availability in synch is another tedious job.

There are various Multi-Channel E-Commerce connectors like Amazon, eBay, Magneto Co, Magneto CE and many more. We provide all the services, in fact better services than these connectors. The benefits of investing in a Multi-Channel E-Commerce integration solution are limitless. From easy customer controls to streamlined company operations, and without a large upfront investment in integration, the cloud-based integration platform can provide a unique, affordable solution to strengthen your growth potential.

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