Mobile Visitors

A fast-growing segment of all visitors to any given websites will be Mobile.

Almost everybody has a cell phone these days, and with the growing adoption of smart phones, more and more people are browsing the internet on their Mobile Device.

As Mobile browsing is increasing in popularity, it is in your best interest to start optimizing your websites to better fit the Mobile platform and its limitations.

Even though some phones, like the iPhone have browsers that make viewing regular webpages suitable, a Mobile version of your website can mean several benefits, like faster load times, and ensuring your content can be viewed on a wider range of phones.

It is a matter of convenience or instant gratification, but it is a fact that the number of people turning to Mobile devices to access the web has been steadily increasing. The increasing popularity of smartphones only underscores this emerging trend.

Mobile internet is inevitably taking center stage, and now is the time for you to remold your Internet marketing strategies to fit the Mobile space.

There are many easy ways to enhance you website for Mobile browsing without hindering much of your website.

Thinkcyber will make your site Mobile-friendly. Start now and be ahead, Make Your Site Mobile Friendly!

Optimize and calibrate your site for mobile devices

1. Mobile Search is for Mobile Sites – When one searches from a Mobile device, the query accesses a separate index maintained for Mobile content. And Mobile search being still in its infancy, the indices are relatively smaller, and what that means is, way lesser sites to compete with. So, optimizing your site and building a Mobile presence will certainly help you rank high now, and in the future too when the indices get bigger and the competition grows fiercer. You’ll still have a better chance of ranking high, thanks to the authority you would’ve built over the years.

2. Think of your Customers – Full sites or non-Mobile sites are often rich, usually include flash and video content, and do not render correctly on a Mobile platform. By not making available a Mobile version of your site, you are deliberately providing poor user experience to customers who may access your site through Mobiles, and thereby risking customer dissatisfaction. And dissatisfied customers mean only one thing – lost sales leads.

3. Targeting The Mobile Demographic – We can easily envision Mobile web usage reaching an unprecedented high in the next few years. If you don’t optimize your site and target this Mobile demographic now, you’ll be wasting a great opportunity to tap into a mother lode of traffic.

4. High Click Through Rates – The Mobile space is inarguably the new frontier in internet marketing and offers you a great opportunity to take your search marketing efforts to a new level.

5. Target The Mobile User – They spend more time using their Mobile devices than they do with their PCs. They prefer to access the net via their Mobiles, are upwardly Mobile urbanites not averse to spending money, and as several studies reveal, targeting them through any other media will be a waste of time. If you don’t build a Mobile presence and calibrate your marketing efforts accordingly, you’ll miss the only way to reach a demographic with high spending power. The Mobile marketing space, to put it mildly, is growing at an exponential rate, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. So, if you are in anyway involved in Internet Marketing, you should stop ignoring the Mobile space. Expend a little effort and create a Mobile presence for your site, you and your site will be the gainer at the end of it.

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