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Thinkcyber: Mobile App Development, Mobile App Solutions for any device

Thinkcyber helps businesses plan, define and manage your mobile presence, providing design and build of intelligent mobile app solutions.

We deliver iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and HTML5 apps that embrace the power of mobile.

The devices we carry around everyday make the perfect business tool

At Thinkcyber we can help you reap the benefits of iPhone Application Development by creating engaging and interactive applications. We have the right processes and skill sets available to deliver customized iPhone applications.

Our team of experts work with you every step of the way to ensure a quality product to meet your requirements in order to get your application in the Apple App Store as early as possible.

Mobile Apps are used for business, or not?

Sometimes, It may not be clear whether you need a mobile application. Most businesses will do fine with simply a mobile-friendly website, but there are cases where an app can take user engagement to a new level, resulting in a positive return on the investment in app development.

Nearly three-fourths (72%) indicated they use mobile apps in their business, with roughly four in ten (38%) reporting they could not survive – or it would be a major challenge to survive – without mobile apps

It’s another chance to differentiate yourself

The development of mobile websites has been slow by many companies. Why not be one of the first in your niche to adopt this strategy? It will set you apart, especially when you’re competing for eyeballs from search engines. A visitor comparing your website to others’ on a mobile device is much more likely to go with yours over a competitor’s non-mobile-friendly website.

Does your business need a simple, straightforward mobile user experience?


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