Microsite Strategy

Thinkcyber’s team is expert in develop successful Microsites

Microsites are mini websites designed for a strong and relevant keyword phrase targeting people searching for that specific service, product, solution, or company. Thinkcyber delivers microsites dedicated to delivering information and soliciting ‘call-to-action’ responses for particular products, services, market segments, demographic groups, marketing campaigns, initiatives or promotions.

Microsites focus audience attention on particular initiatives. Most general business websites present a variety of background information that is irrelevant to visitors’ immediate needs, while microsites concentrate viewer attention on campaign particulars so your audience doesn’t get distracted, confused, or irritated by non-applicable material.

Microsite traffic can be generated from e-newsletters, email campaigns, links from corporate websites, online and offline advertising, direct-mail campaigns, and advertising vehicles. Because microsites are dedicated to single-issue initiatives, they more easily conform to search engine optimization tactics and techniques, delivering more appropriate visitors, who are more directly concerned with the information being presented.

Thinkcyber designs Microsites and offer them to our clients to compliment their main website design or primary website they use for clients that already know them. The Microsites are set up to help target new customers, leads, and get in front of people searching online that don’t know where to go or who to call. Our Microsites engage visitors immediately and deliver the promise featured in the initial contact vehicle (newsletter, advertisement, or informational link).

Microsites & Minisites can even be used as your primary website if all you care about is getting new customers but more often then not they are an internet marketing strategy to compliment other online marketing solutions we can help you with as well. They are typically no more then 3-5 pages and are sometimes best just being one page that loads quickly, has a nice design, with a form and phone # to use to capture the leads.

They create opportunities for interactive initiatives like questionnaires, polls, and surveys that promote interest and involvement, extend time spend receiving your marketing message, and provide you with mission critical customer feedback.

Thinkcyber creates microsites with unique content that converts into leads and new customers for our clients.
Our Microsite strategy can be an affordable way for you to be found more quickly on the search engines and online.

If you need help with promoting your business online, looking for more leads, or promoting a new product or affiliate program we can help design microsites for you to get more customers searching online.

We build Microsites based on:

» They must be branded so that visitors know whom they are visiting and they should contain visible and auditory tags that help visitors retain the marketing message.

Microsites must have straightforward navigation, be easy to understand and provide a clear call to action with appropriate contact links.
Microsites provide opportunities for collecting analytical information so that adjustments can be made to future initiatives.
► They are also an ideal vehicle for offering incentives in return for customer information and feedback, or for driving traffic to ecommerce websites disseminating sample offer for new product launches.

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