Magento E-Commerce Development

Magento Commerce is the high performance, scalable E-Commerce solution for fast-growing and large businesses.

A powerful E-Commerce platform that possesses powerful features which allow you to have full control over your product categories, control names, price, details, inventories and other technical detail specification.

With Promotional sales, you can control the shopping cart rule and can use the optional promotional codes. At the same time, it allows full access to see your orders, invoices, inventories, customer info, shipping info and its advanced logistics and report software, terms of service, privacy policy, usage policy, about us space etc.

With its strong community based structure, shipping and payment is easy as it supports pay pal and whole array of third party payment gateway and merchandise processor.

Thinkcyber provides Magento Commerce service so you can create better user experience, translate it into higher sales conversion of same customers, and streamline the internal operations to save time, effort and money!

If you are planning to sell products online and you need powerful platform; our Magneto Commerce service may be the perfect solution.

Key Features:

► Reward Points
► Enhanced Catalog
► Full-page Caching
► Mobile Commerce
► Multiple Stores View
► Analytics and Reporting
► Flexible Pricing Rules
► Multiple Stores
► Multiple Store Views
► Shipping Rules & Payment SEO
► Order Management
► Amazon Ebay Integration
► Customer Accounts Management

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