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Thinkcyber can build Microsites formatted specifically to fit the iPhone’s small screen and unique configuration.

This opens up enormous worldwide markets to every company (big or small) seeking to increase their market share and to every individual who has a product to sell.

Unlike traditional websites, an iPhone Microsite is properly formatted to display on iPhone and iPod touch. It is capable of faster browsing due to optimized content, enhanced link highlighting to assist in navigation, and graphics and buttons that work seamlessly with the iPhone’s finger browsing. It looks, behaves and responds in the same manner as a typical iPhone application.

A Microsite uses larger fonts to minimize unnecessary zooming and it breaks content up into more appropriately sized blocks.

A Microsite may compliment a regular website by automatically detecting and reacting to iPhone visitors, allowing a business owner to serve them optimized content. It can also stand alone, being identified with a unique url separate from the one used for your main.

Thinkcyber offers a complete iPhone-optimized Microsites development packages.

The age of the mobile ordering device is here. The companies that establish their presence with iPhone users will enjoy a huge advantage.

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