Intranet Development

Safe and Secure

Intranet can improve internal communications between departments, streamline business’ internal workflow and protect corporate and financial data through a secure password protection gateway.

Our expertise in website intranet development and programming will establish a safe and secure environment where access is limited to only those you choose.

We have developed intranet portals that allow organizations to exchange confidential information in the most efficient manner. From database development to file/form storage to electronic communications, we can develop a highly-stylized intranet management solution that will suit all of your department’s needs.

Benefits of Intranet Development

We strive to offer the best Intranet solutions available to small and medium businesses. With our proven intranet solutions, your employees will be able to access knowledge and information that exists throughout the company. Stronger communications will develop between departments, innovation and new ideas expand, and employees will have access to powerful tools that optimize workflow and productivity throughout the company.

Thinkcyber offers Intranet system including all the following in a completely secure system:
► Comprehensive contacts database
► Internal e-mail system with graphics available
► Complete up to the minute stock inventory control
► Invoicing facility
ERP and CRM packages
In-house website
Company calendar
► Unlimited customized applications

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