Internet Strategy

Attract, Engage, Convert

The use of a website to attract and keep new customers is now critical to the success of any company and the web itself has become a highly competitive medium. Because of this it is important to understand the purpose of any website.

We develop Strategies that become the foundation for the project.

Thinkcyber understands that a good web Strategy works with your business Strategy to create a website that meets your business goals. Once you’ve started building a web presence, you want to think about how your website can improve your business. Strategy includes community, personalization, content, e-commerce, even your intranets.

Like other media, the web is a space in which your organization meets potential clients, supporters, beneficiaries and colleagues.

Unlike many other media, the web is interactive: it allows for a two-way conversation. Planning for this conversation is critical to your success on the web.

In Strategy we consider your business goals, your brand, your communications Strategy, and the needs of your site audiences. With this information we develop a site plan and a storyboard, which become the foundation for future Graphic Design, content creation and programming.

In practice, Strategy occurs as several meetings and conference calls, usually at the start of a full website development process, which also includes Graphic Design, Content Creation, Programming, and Site Building.