Loyal Brand Relationships

Make your client loyal to you brand or service is key to the success of an organization

Building your online e-commerce capability means you have more control over promotions and loyalty programs that can benefit your customers and your brand. Social loyalty is a process to monitor, engage and manage prospective and existing customer relationships by integrating location based services and social networking with traditional loyalty channels to create a participant ecosystem that transforms collaborative experiences into long term profitable relationships. An efficient Loyalty Program will build trust and stronger relationship with clients by putting into practice customer’s needs, feed back, advices and ideas collected from the website as well as personalized communication with customers. Loyalty Programs need to do more than just give customers rewards for making purchases. To be successful, they must create emotional bonds with customers that foster continuing relationships. When buyers make a purchase online directly, companies can learn a lot about an individual’s profile and preferences. You can make a deeper and meaningful relationship online with your consumers — and now, with email, e-commerce and social commerce technologies, you can easily maintain and control the brand experience. Thinkcyber will improve the traditional Loyalty Program model by taking advantage of the social incentives, interactions, gaming and word of mouth of social media. Thinkcyber will empower social loyalty. Social Loyalty is non-conventional. It is community based, with a sense of collectiveness, and sharing. Not an attempt to buy customer loyalty. Yet a process that attracts, retains and grows your customer base.

Thinkcyber offers many features, more powerful customization, easier integration, and the best customer experience.

We will accomplish social loyalty by

► Adding social energy ► Social incentives ► Social interactions ► Social media word of mouth ► Developing a tiered rewards system ► Add tools to incorporate reward based incentives into a website communities, retail and mobile environments to elevate engagement and spend.

Thinkcyber’s loyalty program solution includes:

► Loyalty Program Design ► Rewards Management ► Real-time Program Analytics ► POS and E-Commerce Integration ► Customer Database Support ► Social Media Tools ► Mobile Application
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