Content Management

Why to use a Content Management System to develop a website? Because it is ease to use!

Imagine being able to keep your customers informed of what’s happening today, even the results of decisions only made today. Imagine being able to add, remove, edit or replace any of the information anywhere on your site.

Using a Content Management System to develop a website can not only greatly reduce the cost to develop the website, but the amount of time required to develop a website as well. Using a Content Management System will enable the website layout to be quickly designed and applied to the entire website. Content can be dynamically loaded it and created either by dedicated site authors or outsourced. Using a CMS will not only ensure a quick initial launch, but will also ensure the website is easy to manage and modify in the future, ensuring easy and cost-effective management throughout the life of the project.

All this is the reality of the Content Management Systems that we can offer you.

Content Management System allows you to literally edit the text and images on your website or intranet – with very little or no knowledge of HTML editing required. It means that you can finally update and amend your website as and when you want to, according to your own timetable.

A CMS can streamline everything from the page layout and designs all the way through future Content Management. The same CMS used to design everything is also used to publish and modify content on the website.
It ensures that future publishers, editors and website managers will have no trouble working through complicated code left by previous staff!

Some of the Content Management Systems that Thinkcyber works with, provides tools for one-to-one marketing. One-to-one marketing is the ability of a website to tailor its content and advertising to a user’s specific characteristics using information provided by the user or gathered by the site.

Thinkcyber uses powerful Content Management System that represents powerful tools for setting up a dynamic site that evolves to suit your needs

Thinkcyber will help you find the perfect CMS for your business by utilizing options such as:
► WordPress
► Open Cart
► Drupal
► Magento
► Joomla!
► Concrete 5
► Other Open Source platforms

You are in real-time control of your own website

The control to update your website. Thinkcyber can help you to find the ideal CMS platform for your needs.

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