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Thinkcyber undertakes to manage, launch and handle online banner campaigns.

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Banner Ads fall into one of two categories: branding campaigns and click-through campaigns.

A Branding Campaign needs to get your company’s name in the public eye. These types of campaigns normally work alongside other promotional advertisements in other mediums: print, radio, television, event sponsorship, etc.

The goal of a Branding Campaign is not merely to get people to click immediately on your banner ad but to have your company’s name stick in their minds through repeated viewing, making your audience become familiar enough with your company image that going to your website will become second nature.

A Click-Through Banner Ad Campaign calls for action from the viewer directly, by staying what your potential client wants or needs and how they can get it on your website, or by using strong emotions to catch your prospect’s attention and get a positive response.

The key to these ads is to ensure the viewer is taken to a page of your website that relates directly to the ad they clicked on.

A Click-Through Banner Ads force you to target your potential client much more accurately. Therefore if your ad is too general or deceptive, you’ll get a large number of click- through but very few sales.

Campaign Management

Consequentially Campaign Management is extremely important, irrespective of a banner ad campaign’s goal, and we ensure all banner campaigns that we manage offer a clear and concise benefit to the viewer, feature a strong call to action, and take people where they’re expecting to go.

Any website that presents a clear and concise benefit for users and actually delivers on that benefit will without doubt receive positive branding and increased sales as a direct result.

Therefore to plan successfully a banner advertising campaign takes a bit of time and effort. But, when completed correctly, banner campaigns can result in a good return-on-investment (ROI) in terms of both branding and sales.

At Thinkcyber, we can achieve our clients’ goals and ROI.

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